Category: Restorative Dentistry

Placing Dental Crowns That Preserve Smiles

There are times when teeth need to be restored with crowns instead of fillings, which means more of your tooth structure will be changed. Does this mean you need to worry about how you will look after your procedure is complete, or feel concerned over the safety of your tooth? At our Dallas, TX dentist’s… Read more »

When Dental Trouble Calls For A Crown

Avoiding trouble with your oral health means avoiding the kinds of problems that make permanent dental restorations necessary to place. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we can support you in your efforts to prevent dental decay and other issues by providing reliable preventive oral health services. With that said, we are also ready to… Read more »

Making Sure A Cavity Is Fully Treated

Any time you have a concern about tooth decay, you should bring it to your dentist’s attention to have it addressed. The trouble your cavity causes will worsen as time passes, as it will continue to grow and damage your enamel. Eventually, that can lead to serious complications, including the onset of a painful infection… Read more »

Your Experience With Cavity Treatment

When you commit to a consistent oral hygiene routine and see your dentist regularly for routine checkups, you can lower your risk for cavities. Avoiding problems with dental decay means avoiding permanent damage to your enamel, and it also means fewer appointments and treatments. With that said, you should know that if problems with decay… Read more »

Carefully Restoring A Chipped Tooth

When you have a chipped tooth, you can have more than just a cosmetic problem that you will need addressed. When a physical injury affects your smile, it can have the effect of making you more vulnerable to further harm. That can mean more broken enamel, a risk for infection, and even the loss of… Read more »

Responding To Physical Tooth Damage

While dental decay is an issue to take seriously, it is not the only kind of damage that can affect the health of your smile. Physical injuries can create problems for your smile as well as your oral health. Problems with chipped, cracked, or broken teeth can be treated by your dentist so that your… Read more »

Responding To Tooth Pain And Sensitivity

Once you start to experience tooth pain, or begin to develop issues with sensitivity, it can be difficult to go about your day without the distraction of your discomfort. While this is an inconvenience, it is also important to note that these uncomfortable feelings can be a warning that something is wrong with your oral… Read more »

Placing A Secure Dental Crown

Consistent and thorough oral hygiene efforts can keep your smile safe from problems like tooth decay. Unfortunately, even those patients who feel confident in the effort they put into caring for their teeth can experience problems that require restorative treatment. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, patients who require treatment can count on us even… Read more »