Addressing Problems With Restorative Care

How you take care of your teeth in a typical day will affect your risk for problems like dental decay and gum disease. Hopefully, you have a routine in place that can help you avoid issues that require the services of your Dallas, TX dentist. With that said, our practice is ready to care for you in the event that something is wrong. Whether you come in to discuss a problem or learn that something is wrong during one of your routine visits, we can discuss beneficial restorative services. Treatment goals focus on more than just improving your health, as we can provide care that will help preserve your smile!

Restorative Treatment Can Stop Potentially Serious Problems With Your Smile

When active problems with dental decay or physical damage are present, it puts your smile at risk for worsening issues. A cavity will grow as time passes, and eventually that leaves you vulnerable to an infection that will need to be addressed with advanced care to stop you from losing your tooth. Physical injuries can also lead to infection and problems that make you more likely to lose your tooth. Our work with patients can help them avoid issues that require in-office services, but we are ready to provide these services whenever they might be required.

We Offer Lifelike Restorations To Keep Teeth Safe

Whether you need a dental filling or dental crown to keep your tooth safe after treatment, we can provide the right care. We use dental fillings to take on less severe cavities, as they only cover the area where damage took place and will only make minimal changes to your tooth structure. By placing dental crowns, we offer security for teeth that have more significant damage. Whether it occurs due to advanced decay or physical trauma, we can make sure that you have lasting stability and support that does not change your appearance.

Taking Care To Prevent Future Problems

Between daily oral hygiene efforts and your regular dental exams, you are able to control your risks for potential problems. You should give yourself time to brush thoroughly twice a day; make your focus reaching every part of your smile, and be careful not to brush too aggressively. When you floss, work the string in a vertical movement to protect your gums and teeth fully.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Restorative Treatment!

The right restorative dental work can use durable, lifelike fillings and crowns to make sure that teeth are completely protected. We are happy to help when patients have active issues in need of our attention, but we are also here to offer beneficial preventive services. If you would like to learn more or discuss these matters further, please reach out to Crown Dental in Dallas, TX today at 214-371-3131.