What To Expect When You Receive A Filling

When you have a cavity, something will have to be done about the permanent harm that ultimately affects your tooth. While you can limit that damage with timely care, work will have to take place that includes the removal of infected tissues and the placement of a permanent restoration. The good news is that you can expect a filling placed at our Dallas, TX dentist’s office to imitate your healthy enamel. That means it will remain unnoticed even if it is in a prominent area. What you can also expect is bite support, which means you will not have to compromise jaw movement to protect it.

Fillings Are Important For The Effective Treatment Of Dental Decay

It is important that you receive the right restoration after a cavity is dealt with. After all, the harm to your tooth structure is permanent, and without protection you will be left vulnerable to problems with damage and infection. With that said, you should know that you can undergo treatment that supports your oral health while also making the preservation of your smile a priority. Fillings offer both conservative and discreet care; we can minimize changes to your tooth structure, and we can provide protection with a material that actually mimics the appearance of your healthy enamel.

Using A Lifelike Resin Material To Place A Filling

With the lifelike resin substance that we use to make our fillings, we are able to protect teeth and preserve how they look. Because we can match a tooth’s color and texture, it can be difficult for anyone to see where you had to have decay addressed. Thanks to the strength of this substance, we can offer support that lets you bite, chew, and speak without worrying over the state of your oral health.

What Else Can You Have Done To Take On Problems With Cavities?

One issue with treatment that relies on a dental filling is that there may be too much harm to your tooth structure to make this an effective response. In order to address this, we can instead use a dental crown. It is still possible to have work done that preserves your appearance, and you can also expect a crown to offer the bite support you need to preserve your smile. With that said, this approach still require more preparatory work, and it can take more time. You can lower your risk for a problem that requires this kind of care when you consistently book dental exams.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Treatment With A Durable And Lifelike Filling!

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