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Sticking With Your Flossing Routine

There are different activities that you should include in your daily smile care routine. When components of the right routine are not part of your daily habits, you can lose out on important protection, and that can mean facing greater risks for problems with your appearance and well-being. One of those components is flossing, which… Read more »

3 Things To Remember About Dental Hygiene

What should you keep in mind when it comes to your dental hygiene efforts? With both daily care and your regular dental exams and cleanings, you can avoid the kinds of problems that require treatment, such as dental decay and gum disease, but you may have questions about what the “right” care should look like…. Read more »

When TMJ Pain Continues To Affect You

When you have persistent problems with joint pain and stiffness in your jaw, along with a tendency to grind your teeth at night, you may need your dentist’s help to put discomfort behind you. Problems with the alignment and movement of your jaw can lead to mounting stress as well as stiffness and chronic pain,… Read more »

Placing Your Dental Filling

Even when the problem is caught early, dental fillings are needed when cavity treatments take place. After removing infected tissues, your dentist will have to place a restoration to address the affected area of your tooth, as your enamel will not grow back on its own. When you arrange cavity treatment at our Dallas, TX… Read more »

Dental Care At Home And At Checkups

Through a commitment to good oral hygiene, you can preserve an attractive smile and protect yourself against threats to your teeth and gums. What you should know is that your commitment should include a dedication to both regular preventive checkups and proper care at home. Through these combined efforts, it becomes easier for a person… Read more »

How Dental Checkups Protect Your Smile

How much can you really do to protect yourself against oral health threats? There are important daily behaviors that you should observe, as they will help you control plaque buildup, prevent tartar formation, and keep food particles off of your teeth. Your efforts on a routine basis are important, but it is also important to… Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth When You Sleep?

As we sleep, our saliva production is reduced, making it easier for oral bacteria to multiply. This is a nighttime threat to your smile that you can combat by cleaning your teeth properly when you awaken. Another nightly dental problem, bruxism, can call for your dentist’s help in managing. People who have issues with bruxism… Read more »

Taking Better Care Of Your Gums

Through the right oral hygiene practices, you can enjoy protection for both your gums and your teeth. The care you put into protecting your gums can be more important than you might realize. Did you know that someone affected by gum disease can be more vulnerable to tooth loss? This and other concerns linked to… Read more »

Making Time For Dental Exams And Cleanings

Your relationship to smile care is important, as it takes a consistent daily oral hygiene to prevent issues with cavities and gum disease. You also need to have regular appointments at your dentist’s office scheduled. Semiannual dental exams and cleanings will help you protect yourself against tartar buildup, and it can provide timely support if… Read more »

Discussing Jaw Pain At A Dental Exam

While you may assume that dental appointments are focused on cavity concerns and the need to restore unhealthy teeth, there are other reasons to schedule these visits. When you attend a checkup, your Dallas, TX dentist will help you address a range of possible concerns about your oral health and general well-being. One concern we… Read more »