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Tips For Maintaining Periodontal Health

How important is your periodontal health when it comes to your overall well-being? Not only does good gum health benefit your smile, it can also benefit your general health in surprising ways. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we provide ongoing oral health services that can fully protect you against threats to your teeth and… Read more »

TMJ Disorder And Your Quality Of Life

Your quality of life can be harder to maintain when you regularly experience pain in your face and jaw. Unfortunately, when you have difficulties with TMJ disorder, these aches and pains can become a part of your daily reality. You can also experience issues with headaches as well as discomfort in your neck and shoulders…. Read more »

Flossing And Other Smile-Friendly Habits

Every day, your teeth are vulnerable to both the accumulation of food particles from meals and snacks as well as the buildup of oral bacteria. What you do to keep your smile clean can effectively stop these threats from causing the kinds of problems that your dentist has to address. It is hard to overstate… Read more »

The Right Dental Care For Growing Smiles

How important are regular dental exams? For people of all ages, they offer an important line of defense against dental decay, gum disease, and more threats that can seriously hurt your smile and quality of life. For kids, they provide timely guidance on how to practice smile care, updates about their growth and development, and… Read more »

How Dental Checkups Help Patients

How are your regular dental checkups really helping you? What can your Dallas, TX dentist’s office do for you that you cannot do on your own? There are several reasons to be consistent about appointments. One is that these visits include dental cleanings that protect you in ways that you cannot match on your own…. Read more »

Sticking With Your Flossing Routine

There are different activities that you should include in your daily smile care routine. When components of the right routine are not part of your daily habits, you can lose out on important protection, and that can mean facing greater risks for problems with your appearance and well-being. One of those components is flossing, which… Read more »

3 Things To Remember About Dental Hygiene

What should you keep in mind when it comes to your dental hygiene efforts? With both daily care and your regular dental exams and cleanings, you can avoid the kinds of problems that require treatment, such as dental decay and gum disease, but you may have questions about what the “right” care should look like…. Read more »

When TMJ Pain Continues To Affect You

When you have persistent problems with joint pain and stiffness in your jaw, along with a tendency to grind your teeth at night, you may need your dentist’s help to put discomfort behind you. Problems with the alignment and movement of your jaw can lead to mounting stress as well as stiffness and chronic pain,… Read more »

Placing Your Dental Filling

Even when the problem is caught early, dental fillings are needed when cavity treatments take place. After removing infected tissues, your dentist will have to place a restoration to address the affected area of your tooth, as your enamel will not grow back on its own. When you arrange cavity treatment at our Dallas, TX… Read more »

Dental Care At Home And At Checkups

Through a commitment to good oral hygiene, you can preserve an attractive smile and protect yourself against threats to your teeth and gums. What you should know is that your commitment should include a dedication to both regular preventive checkups and proper care at home. Through these combined efforts, it becomes easier for a person… Read more »