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A Comprehensive Dental Approach To Your Care

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Dental wellness can play a role in other aspects of your life. Both medically and cosmetically, your smile is a huge part of who you are. Boost your confidence with quality oral health treatment to maintain your natural enamel and repair it when needed. There are other forms of tissue within the mouth beside the… Read more »

Arranging Your Dental Exams For The New Year

Are you really ready for the start of 2023? Making sure that you have your next dental exam set for the new year is an important part of preparing for the change in calendars. Without these appointments, you lose important support and become more vulnerable to cavities, gum disease, and other threats to your smile…. Read more »

Planning Smile Improvements After Bruxism Treatment

Putting a stop to nightly difficulties with teeth grinding and clenching will help you limit wear and tear on your enamel. In addition to protecting your teeth, acting in response to this problem will help you limit pressure on your jaw joints and muscles, which reduces problems with aches and pains. Our Dallas, TX dental… Read more »

Identifying And Addressing Gingivitis At A Checkup

Are you someone who has issues with gingivitis? It is important to recognize when there are problems with your gums, and there are signs of trouble you can look out for between appointments. Recognizing when something is wrong points to the need for you to protect yourself more effectively with your oral hygiene routine and… Read more »

The Trouble With Falling Behind On Dental Exams

Do you spend too much time between dental exams? If so, your smile can face more risks from oral health issues than you realize. While you can do a good job at protecting your teeth and gums when you brush and floss, you are not able to match the kind of care that can be… Read more »

Halloween Candy And Your Dental Health

Is your oral hygiene routine capable of protecting you at all times of the year? During and shortly after Halloween, families can find that they have access to far more candy than normal, which can lead to problems with cavities. A routine that protects you at other times of the year will be less effective… Read more »

Finding The Reason For Your Jaw Pain

What is the reason for your frequent issues with pain in your face and jaw? Why are you having more difficulty biting and chewing? These issues and more could be due to TMJ disorder. This refers to a problem with the alignment and movement of your jaw; when imbalances develop, you can unknowingly put stress… Read more »

3 Reasons To Watch Out For Gingivitis

The time and effort that your put into your smile care protects you against more than just cavities. It is also important that you protect your gums, as problems with gingivitis can turn into more serious concerns over an advanced infection. Complications from gum disease can make a person vulnerable to tooth loss, and you… Read more »

Tips For Maintaining Periodontal Health

How important is your periodontal health when it comes to your overall well-being? Not only does good gum health benefit your smile, it can also benefit your general health in surprising ways. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we provide ongoing oral health services that can fully protect you against threats to your teeth and… Read more »

TMJ Disorder And Your Quality Of Life

Your quality of life can be harder to maintain when you regularly experience pain in your face and jaw. Unfortunately, when you have difficulties with TMJ disorder, these aches and pains can become a part of your daily reality. You can also experience issues with headaches as well as discomfort in your neck and shoulders…. Read more »