TMJ Disorder And Your Quality Of Life

Your quality of life can be harder to maintain when you regularly experience pain in your face and jaw. Unfortunately, when you have difficulties with TMJ disorder, these aches and pains can become a part of your daily reality. You can also experience issues with headaches as well as discomfort in your neck and shoulders. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can help patients who think they may be experiencing issues with TMJ disorder. This and other problems can be identified and treated whenever you come in for general oral health exams!

Your Daily Quality Of Life Can Be Hurt By Jaw Problems

When you develop a problem with poor jaw alignment and movement, you can feel discomfort in different ways. The pain when you bite and chew can certainly concern you, and so can problems with stiff or limited movement. Some of the symptoms may surprise you—for instance, you may receive the unexpected news that your frequent headaches are being triggered by problems with your jaw! When this problem is identified during a regular dental exam, or when you come in to talk about bite pain, you can learn how we can relieve you of this discomfort.

We Can Evaluate You And Provide Relief From TMJ Pain

Problems with TMJ pain and stiffness can be resolved when you address uneven movement or stress on your jaw joints and muscles. A custom oral appliance can keep your lower jaw set in a more comfortable position and retrain you to make more comfortable movements. We can also look out for problems with your oral health that are affecting the way you apply bite pressure. When these problems are found, the appropriate restorative dental work can take place to help with your dental function.

More Benefits To Consistent Smile Care

Problems with dental decay can actually go unnoticed early in their development. Fortunately, smaller cavities can be caught during regular dental checkups. Timely treatment can lead to the restoration of teeth with custom dental fillings. This is a more conservative form of restorative treatment, one that lets you preserve much of your healthy enamel while still ensuring teeth are safe and secure.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Managing TMJ Disorder

Living with TMJ-related aches and pains can be difficult. It can grow increasingly hard as you deal with more frequent headaches, problems with limited bite movement, and other difficulties related to your condition. Fortunately, this is something that you can work with your dentist on addressing! TMJ treatment can lead to better jaw alignment and bite movement, which can improve your quality of life and help free you from chronic discomfort. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to Crown Dental in Dallas, TX today at 214-371-3131.