Making Time For Dental Exams And Cleanings

Your relationship to smile care is important, as it takes a consistent daily oral hygiene to prevent issues with cavities and gum disease. You also need to have regular appointments at your dentist’s office scheduled. Semiannual dental exams and cleanings will help you protect yourself against tartar buildup, and it can provide timely support if you need to do something about dental or periodontal problems. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is here to help you keep up with these appointments, just as we are here to help when you have an active problem with your smile.

How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist’s Office?

Unless you are following the directions of your dentist by doing otherwise, you should have a new dental exam and cleaning every six months. Consistency provides you protection against persistent threats, keeps tartar buildup off of your smile, and generally keeps you informed about your oral health. Each appointment focuses on a review as well as a thorough cleaning. When appropriate, we can capture vivid details of your teeth and oral structures with imaging technology that reveals hard-to-catch issues.

Planning Your Next Routine Dental Appointment

During your next dental appointment, you will receive multiple services. One is a cleaning by your hygienist, who can fight the accumulation of plaque and tartar to keep your smile in good health. Regular services like these provide protection as well as timely updates about shortcomings in your daily routine that leave you exposed to more bacteria buildup. Your dentist will closely examine your teeth, gums, and oral structures. This can reveal more than just the presence of a cavity. You can also receive warnings about issues like gum disease or problems with your jaw alignment, as well as potentially serious threats like oral cancer.

What Your Dentist Can Do For You If You Have An Oral Health Issue

When a problem is spotted at a checkup, we can promptly arrange restorative dental work to put it behind you. When it comes to cavity treatment, timing is certainly important. After all, we can catch the problem, remove bacteria and decayed tissues, and place a dental filling for protection. A larger cavity will require more involved care, including the placement of a permanent dental crown.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Scheduling A Dental Exam And Cleaning

Through regular dental visits, you can stay informed about your oral health, enjoy timely treatment for problems, and receive feedback that helps you keep up with your smile. Our practice is also happy to provide restorative and cosmetic services when appropriate, which can help you stay confident in your appearance. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to Crown Dental in Dallas, TX today at 214-371-3131.