Stop Living With Poor Teeth Spacing

Until you do something about the matter, you can continue to have doubts about your smile due to its uneven teeth spacing. Gaps and overlaps can make you embarrassed, as can the general sense that your smile is not symmetrical. Are you ready to make the right changes and fix this issue? At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can actually offer two different approaches that can benefit you. One relies on traditional orthodontic appliances, while the other uses Invisalign clear aligners to make corrections. With either option, we can help you resolve problems with your appearance and health that are linked to improper smile alignment.

We Can Help You Fix Problems With Your Uneven Smile

Many people feel embarrassment because of uneven teeth spacing. For people whose spacing issues are not as severe, the problem can sometimes be resolved with a cosmetic dental procedure, but many with this issue will require corrective work. By evaluating you, we can help you understand what your options are. If you are not a good candidate to have gaps or overlaps covered with a cosmetic procedure, we can help you understand what you can expect from either traditional metal braces or Invisalign aligners.

Taking On Problems With Gaps And Overlaps With Braces

Problems with malocclusion can be more than just a source of cosmetic concern. You can have a harder time keeping your teeth clean as a result of awkward overlaps, and you can find it more difficult to maintain a natural and comfortable bite function. In other words, there are several reasons to move forward with orthodontic work if it is needed. Through the use of metal braces, we can gradually move your teeth into their appropriate positions. This approach can lead to welcome oral health as well as cosmetic improvements. While it may be less than ideal to have these appliances in place for the foreseeable future, you can look forward to lasting value from the adjustment.

Using Invisalign Aligners To Improve Your Appearance

For patients who qualify for Invisalign treatment, orthodontic work can be easier and more discreet. Your appliances will be easy to remove, so they will not interfere with your dental function or your oral health. Because they are difficult to see, you are also free from concerns about how their presence will affect how you present yourself in social and professional contexts.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Fixing Poor Teeth Spacing!

If your smile is not spaced properly, our practice can offer different solutions to help you resolve the matter. In addition to providing care with metal braces, we provide the option to rely on clear Invisalign aligners. For more information on these services, please reach out to Crown Dental in Dallas, TX today at 214-371-3131.