Understanding Root Canals

Understanding Root Canals

There are many misconceptions about why people need root canals and how dentists perform root canals. Furthermore, when you tell someone that you’re about to experience something miserable, the root canal is always invoked. The root canal is a routine procedure that generally does not take too long, but it solves a whole host of issues with a tooth and at the same time allows the dentist to use different appliances to save the tooth. There are several types of folks who need root canals, but the bottom line is that folks are in distress when they present for root canals.

Why Do Folks Need Root Canals?

The root canal is a procedure that’s performed by a dentist when they see evidence not just of tooth decay but issues of infection within the dental pulp. The pulp is a collection of small blood vessels and nerve tissue providing health and sensation to the tooth. When this area gets infected because decay has been allowed to penetrate the enamel. The dentist has to go into the tooth and remove this infected tissue. If they don’t, the tooth and gum can get infected and you could end up with an abscess and lose the tooth.

How are Root Canals Performed?

The way a root canal is performed is that the dentist will essentially take the top off the tooth and scrape out the infected pulp. The dentist will make sure that you’re numb and comfortable before performing the procedure. Once the root canal is complete, a temporary crown will be fitted. You will also have an impression taken so that the dentist can get you fitted for a permanent crown. The crown allows you to have full function of the tooth because it is made of porcelain most of the time, and that is a very hard material.

For many people, getting a root canal is often the result of a long time of some dental hygiene neglect. Make sure that if you are feeling intense pain, then you get in touch with the dentist because you may need a root canal.

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