Wisdom Teeth Removal In Dallas,Tx

By age 18, most adults have 32 permanent teeth. The canine, bicuspid and incisors are anterior teeth. The molars are situated in the back of the mouth. Each tooth serves a specific function, such as grasping, grinding and biting.

The issue with all those unique chompers is that the modern human mouth is only equipped to fit 28 of the 32. For that reason, countless people experience problems when the third molars try to erupt. These final four teeth are more commonly known as the wisdom teeth. In rare cases, wisdom teeth do come in properly aligned, and do not need to be extracted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dallas

To prevent teeth misalignment from causing problems wisdom tooth removal is the best option. Sometimes, the final four only partially emerge, get impacted beneath the bone or gums, or they grow in sideways. Impaction can be present in many different positions within the jawbone as the teeth attempt to erupt.

Impacted teeth can lead to many oral health issues. Partially erupted third molars create a gap around teeth that allows bacteria to thrive. This open space can lead to infection. Signs of a mouth infection include swelling pain and stiffness. The resulting pressure from the erupted wisdom teeth can shift the existing teeth and disrupt proper alignment. In the most serious case tumors or cysts can develop around the impacted teeth. Removal at the beginning stages will help avoid future concerns and minimize the risks involved with the surgical procedure.

Tooth Removal in Dallas

Wisdom teeth extraction at DFW Crown Dental is performed under nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, general anesthesia or conscious sedation. Your dentist in Dallas will discuss oral sedation solutions with you prior to the procedure. Gauze will be placed in your mouth to manage to bleed. Following the tooth extraction in Dallas, you will rest comfortably until you can be driven home. You will be provided with a post-op instructions kit at discharge, a prescription for pain medication and possibly antibiotic gauze. A follow-up visit will be made one week later to remove your sutures.

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