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Most people will have had at least one cavity by the time they reach adulthood. These dental issues are usually sufficiently treated with a dental filling, which removes the decay and replaces the tooth structure. However, if a cavity is allowed to worsen, the decay will threaten the dental pulp located in the center of the tooth. This can potentially create an abscess and cause further problems for the affected tooth and possibly the surrounding teeth and gums. To treat the tooth, a root canal will be performed. DFW Crown Dental offers this treatment in Dallas, TX to restore health to your tooth to help avoid the need for an extraction.

What is a root canal?

The center of the tooth contains the dental pulp, where the blood vessels and nerves of a tooth are located. If tooth decay reaches this area, an abscess could form, causing pain and threatening the health of the tooth and gums. A root canal clears away the infected dental pulp as well as other traces of decay and replaces it with a biocompatible material to restore the tooth’s structure and function.


Your dentist at DFW Crown Dental will likely take some x-rays of the tooth first to get a better look at the area beneath the gums. An anesthetic is used for this procedure to minimize pain and discomfort. A sheet of latex rubber called a dental dam will be placed on the tooth to keep it dry and clean for the procedure. A hole will be made in the top (crown) of the tooth to allow access to the inside. Your dentist will remove all traces of decay, then clean the inside of the tooth thoroughly. The canal will be smoothed and reshaped to discourage bacteria from collecting there again. The canal will then be filled with a special material that restores the structure and strength of the tooth to enable you to use it as normal again. Treated teeth are normally topped with a dental crown, which will be placed during a separate appointment.

For a safe, comfortable root canal procedure in Dallas, make an appointment at DFW Crown Dental.

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