Dallas Dental Exam & Teeth Cleaning

A surprising number of patients do not consider their oral health as important as their overall health, but this is not correct. Getting dental exams and cleanings is just as important as visiting your primary care physician for a check-up. DFW Crown Dental professionals in Dallas encourage patients to get cleanings done twice a year by a dentist near you to prevent bacteria, plaque, and tartar from building up in places on teeth that are difficult to reach.

Some patients avoid their dentist due to a fear of what will happen during the exam, but there is absolutely nothing to fear at DFW Crown Dental. Your dental appointment will be very simple, and things will go a little like the outline below.

A Physical Exam Will Be Given

Your dentist will take a look at your teeth using several different tools and a small mirror that fits inside your mouth. When this is happening, your dentist is looking for signs of decay as well as gingivitis and other potential issues with your teeth or the tissues around them.

Teeth Will Be Professionally Cleaned

Once the dentist has taken a look at your teeth, a dental hygienist will make sure they’re sparkling clean by using a scaler to remove plaque and stuck on tartar that is around the gums as well as on teeth. After the tartar has been removed, an abrasive toothpaste will be used to gently scrub the surface of the enamel. Your teeth will also be thoroughly flossed and a fluoride treatment will be applied to them to keep decay at bay.

The exact steps may vary, but your dentist may also take an x-ray of your teeth to make sure there is no decay on teeth that was not seen during your examination. After everything is done, we will discuss treatment options with you and what is most recommended to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong. By visiting your dentist, you are taking steps towards preventing potential problems in teeth that could worsen without the care of one of our professionals. Seek DFW Crown Dental dental care in Dallas to get an exam and cleaning from a trained and qualified dentist near you.

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