Is sedation dentistry right for you?

Is sedation dentistry right for you?

No wonder children are scared of the dentist. They are afraid of various equipment’s dentist has for tooth extraction, which forces them to avoid getting their teeth evaluated for a long time. This fear of dentists remains even when they grow up. Many grownups are scared of dental procedures. Fear of pain and uneasiness makes it difficult for them to get various dental procedures done.

If you are one of those who fear dental procedures, then sedation dentistry is for you. In this process, the dentist injects the patient with sedatives to make them calm and comfortable or even unconscious if required.

Sedition dentistry use below process as sedatives for patients:

  • Nitrous Oxide- Many sedition dentists use nitrous oxide to relax down their patients. The effects of this gas don’t last long and the patient can usually drive back after the procedure is done.
  • Oral Drugs- Dentist can also provide their patients with oral sedition like diazepam, to calm their nerves. These drugs are usually taken 1-2 hours before the procedure. They will reduce your nervousness, but you might feel sleepy until their effects last.
  • IV sedatives – Dentist uses moderate IV sedition if they have to make the patient unconscious. These sedatives are also known as general anesthesia. These drugs will put the patient in sleep until it effects subside. Mild use of these drugs can put the patient in a semi-conscious state, where he might be awake, but will be less mindful of the surroundings.

The dentist chooses the above methods depending on the history of the patient, the complexity of procedure and pain threshold of the patient. Sedation dentistry is ideal for people who are afraid of the dental process.

Sedation dentistry specialist ensures that the patient feels comfortable and relaxes before the procedure can begin. If you are avoiding getting the treatment done on your teeth because of phobia, contact Sedation dentist in Dallas, TX. Their years of experience in the industry can help in getting dental treatment without feeling any pain or discomfort.

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