Fluoride Treatments to the Rescue for Tooth Sensitivity

Fluoride Treatments to the Rescue for Tooth Sensitivity

You’ve most likely heard about fluoride since it’s mentioned in dental advertisements as an important ingredient in oral care products. But what you may not have realized is that sometimes additional fluoride therapy is required from a professional fluoride dentist near you in Dallas, TX. Wondering why? Keep reading to learn more!

What You Need to Know About Fluoride Dental Treatments

Fluoride occurs naturally in the environment and is a mineral that strengthens the enamel of teeth. It’s been added to public drinking water along with foods around the United States in an effort to maintain the oral health of the nation. But sometimes this isn’t enough. If you are susceptible to tooth decay, chances are you’ll need the added protection of dental fluoride treatment in Dallas, TX to help stop the production of plaque that’s responsible for eating away at your enamel.

Some Other Reasons to Consider Fluoride Treatment

It’s not uncommon for patients who’ve used at-home dental whitening products to notice tooth sensitivity that did not previously exist. One reason for this is because the bleaching products were not professionally administered and may have eroded excessive tooth enamel. Fortunately, a professional fluoride treatment can help control the discomfort. Also, if you have experienced chronic tooth sensitivity or have difficulty cleaning your teeth thoroughly for any number of reasons, fluoride treatments in Dallas from a dentist near you can help protect your smile for years to come!

Fluoride Treatments Are Beneficial for Patients of All Ages

Although fluoride is added to most public water, the protection from that source may not be enough. In pediatric dentistry, this treatment method is often recommended as an added insurance to provide a healthy adult smile to children. But with more and more people drinking bottled water instead of tap water, adults are now becoming susceptible to weakened tooth enamel, too. This leaves many patients wondering how to get this important, naturally-occurring mineral back into their oral health routine. The answer? Visit a dentist near you in Dallas such as DFW Crown Dental twice a year for a professional cleaning and fluoride treatment.

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