Braces - Types, When Required, Pros & Cons

Braces - Types, When Required, Pros & Cons

People who are suffering from problems like crooked or crowded teeth, overbites, underbites and so on then they need to get braces because it affects their appearance ultimately. Nowadays, when people judge you on your first impression, you need to have a good personality. Personality plays an important role; you can get things done faster if you have a good personality. A big portion of your personality also includes your smile. You can get the perfect smile only when you get braces to align your teeth.

When do you need braces?

The best thing about the braces is that there is no specific age to get the braces. You can get it at any point in time. As per the Dallas braces of Orthodontics, people of the age of 10 to 14 years old get the braces, or you can say after you get your permanent teeth. At this age only, most of the children’s facial appearance changes so it would be easy to get teeth straight. If you miss it at this age then do not worry as you can get them at any age.

What are the types of braces and the pros and cons of the same?

When we talk about the types of braces then one thing is clear that there are mainly four types of braces which we are going to discuss below-

Traditional braces/Metal Braces

In the traditional braces, one of the major things that you might be considering is metal. Metal braces in Dallas use metal brackets and a wire which helps them to align the teeth. First of all, the dentist puts or fixes the brackets over the teeth and then they are connected with a wire. These metal brackets’ size decreases over the period of time so that the braces become less noticeable.

Pros: One of the most important things about brackets is that they are affordable. So, you can get your teeth aligned in fewer expenses.

Cons: If you wear them then people notice them in the first look itself because it is visible in nature.

Ceramic braces

These are very similar to traditional or metal braces. It works the same way and gives the result over the same period of time. What makes it different are the brackets used in this method, which are clear and transparent bracket so people take time in noticing it. The dentist even uses the same shade for the wire as that of the teeth.

Pros: This is one of the lesser noticeable braces, results in aligned teeth and is also good as compared to plastic teeth aligner.

Cons: It needs special care because it can get stained so the person using it needs to make sure that it stays clean.

Lingual Braces

If you are one of those people who want to have aligned teeth but hate the idea of getting metal braces over your teeth, then this problem can be solved by using this method because braces are placed on the inside of the teeth and nobody can see it.

Pros: People would not see any difference because the braces are not visible at all.

Cons: Everyone cannot use this method because it is expensive and suits only when some parameters are met. You can google braces near me to find out the list of dentists who can provide you with more information on the topic.


In this method, you use a customized teeth aligner for your teeth. It is made of plastic and it is transparent so no one can notice it

Pros: if you focus on it, only then you can see it otherwise it is almost invisible.

Cons: It is a very costly method because it needs to be changed in every two weeks.

The process of getting braces and to have them for a specific period makes it a very difficult process because you need to take care of your teeth and give them special treatment. Once you go through with this then you will get perfectly aligned teeth which everyone wishes for. If you are looking for more details then you can contact the DFW Crown Dental. You can also find them online when you search for braces in Dallas.

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